Brief Report: IBM/Lenovo z60t notebook with FreeBSD

Fredrik Lindberg fli+freebsd-current at
Sat Dec 3 04:05:07 PST 2005

Robert Watson wrote:
> - The fingerprint scanner attaches as ugen0.  I haven't googled around yet
>   to see what I can learn.

I've got a IBM T42 with a fingerprint scanner. They're made by UPEK 
(, they have a linux driver avaiable (beta though).
It's a closed source binary driver only, but I almost got it working 
anyway using some library hacks. I've written down some of my
findings on

Since their driver is using libusb it should be quite easy for them
to create a native binary for FreeBSD. I haven't contacted UPEK
about it yet though.

	Fredrik Lindberg

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