After crash, / comes up mounted read-only, but in multiuser; mfs /tmp?

othermark atkin901 at
Fri Dec 2 09:03:03 PST 2005

John Baldwin wrote:

> On Friday 02 December 2005 08:33 am, David Xu wrote:
>> Robert Watson wrote:
> I've seen reports that mount -u -w / works whereas mount -u -o rw /
> doesn't, so you might be able to mount -u -w / in single user mode after
> running fsck
> as a way to recover.  Either that or boot single user, run fsck, and then
> reboot before going into multiuser.

Yep, that's what I found.   mount -o rw  no longer works only -w.  
Interestingly '-o rw' is not in the manpage, which is how I originally
discovered that '-w' was working.  One script in rc.d appears to use it.

However I think it would be better to fix the mount options they way they
were.   I noticed also that if you go multi-user after a crash, you'll get
the mfs mounts noted above and in addition the only way to mount / is to
reboot.  Dropping to single user and attempting to mount -w after the fsck
completes complains about invalid argument or invalid device /dev/ad0s1a.

--- etc/rc.d/   Fri Dec  2 08:48:15 2005
+++ etc/rc.d/root       Fri Dec  2 08:48:29 2005
@@ -23,7 +23,7 @@
        [Nn][Oo] | '')
-               if ! mount -u -o rw /; then
+               if ! mount -u -w /; then
                        echo 'Mounting root filesystem rw failed, startup
                        /bin/kill -QUIT $$

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