building freeBSD 6 install cd with latest twa source

ke.han ke.han at
Fri Dec 2 08:27:08 PST 2005

I have been thinking about my troubles with installing freeBSD 6 with my 
3ware 9550sx card.  Accourding to the knowledge base article,
the latest source for the 9550sx drivers is in the freeBSD 6 source tree 
at and .
Would I possibly be able to get a better install experience if I built a 
new install cd from the latest sources?  My best guess as to the current 
trouble with the 3ware 9550sx card is that at boot after install freeBSD 
is using the old twa module and not the twa_9ksx I have loaded.  Seems 
that if I just have a new install disk with the latest driver already on 
it, I might squeak by this problem.  So how hard is it to get a fresh 
build of install disk 1 from the freeBSD 6 source tree??  I'm just above 
amatuer level with freeBSD 6 but tend to follow detailed instruction well.

thanks, ke han

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