Problem install FreeBSD 6.0 on Dell PowerEdge 2850

Doug Ambrisko ambrisko at
Fri Dec 2 00:20:51 GMT 2005

Scott Long writes:
| Hoang Lang-E11272 wrote:
| > I finally got FreeBSD 6.0 to install on my Dell 2850 by changing the 
| > bios setting from Internal RAID to SCSI.  The installation went smothly, 
| > so I guess there is the something with the RAID driver in FreeBSD 6.0
| There is indeed a bug in the amr RAID driver, though I haven't seen your 
| particular symptoms.  I have a patch to work around the bug, but it only
| helps if you have an installed system and can compile a kernel.  I'm 
| considering building an unofficial 6.0-RELEASE with the patch so that
| people with this problem can try it out.

I hope your working with ps on this since a bunch of us have various
patches etc. to the amr driver floating around.  He (er. Yahoo seems
to be keeper of the various bits).  I'm tracking our own, LSI, Yahoo's
and at times FreeBSD.

A few us have Dell PE2850 family.  However, a bunch of us have limited 
time.  My focus is in FreeBSD 4.X with some dabbling in 6/-current.

Doug A.

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