Problem install FreeBSD 6.0 on Dell PowerEdge 2850

Scott Long scottl at
Thu Dec 1 03:10:08 GMT 2005

Hoang Lang-E11272 wrote:
> Thank you all for your help.
> I finally got FreeBSD 6.0 to install on my Dell 2850 by changing the bios setting from Internal RAID to SCSI.  The installation went smothly, so I guess there is the something with the RAID driver in FreeBSD 6.0

There is indeed a bug in the amr RAID driver, though I haven't seen your 
particular symptoms.  I have a patch to work around the bug, but it only
helps if you have an installed system and can compile a kernel.  I'm 
considering building an unofficial 6.0-RELEASE with the patch so that
people with this problem can try it out.


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