installing 6.0-BETA3

M. Warner Losh imp at
Wed Aug 31 23:16:23 GMT 2005

In message: <200508301223.20626.mi+mx at>
            Mikhail Teterin <mi+mx at> writes:
: > > 	. Something is wrong with the ed-driver (in my case --
: > > 	  Kingston's KNE-PC2T, FCC ID L40WST200). Kernel reports
: > > 	  being unable to do something with pccard1, then reports
: > > 		  ed1: ....
: > > 	  and hangs. I let it wait for an hour and it never continued
: > > 	  booting. I'll try to investigate, when I'm done installing.
: > > 	  The card worked just fine in a newer Pentium-II laptop under
: > > 	  FreeBSD-5.x
: >
: > If the card is a 16bit pcmcia car make sure the bridge is set to 16bit.
: How do I do that?

You can't.  The advice was bogus and should be completely ignored.

I have a number of pending MFCs for PC Cards to make them work a lot
better than they do now.  Maybe they will solve your problems.


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