6.0-BETA3: ext2fs: if mounted at shutdown, fsck at next boot

Rainer Alves freebsd at powered.net
Wed Aug 31 21:46:17 GMT 2005

Actually there's a workaround for this... add the following near the end
of /etc/rc.shutdown:
Sure, it isn't the perfect solution, but it works.

Rainer Alves

# Insert other shutdown procedures here

extfs=`eval mount | grep ext2fs | awk '{print $1 }'`

for _elem in $extfs; do
echo -n "Unmounting ext2/ext3 filesystems: "
umount -f $_elem
echo -n "$_elem "

Matthias Andree wrote:

>See Subject - this bug has already haunted FreeBSD 5 and still persists
>in FreeBSD 6.0: shutting down FreeBSD 5 or 6 with a mounted ext2fs file
>system prevents proper synching of the super blocks (vnode count remains
>nonzero, until kernel gives up), so all file systems that were mounted
>are fsck'd at next reboot, UFS, UFS2, ext2fs, doesn't matter.
>Someone please check the ext2fs locking.

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