[PATCH] nsswitch and cached release 2

Michael Bushkov bushman at rsu.ru
Tue Aug 30 20:08:41 GMT 2005

Here is the second (corrected) release of my Google SoC project (the 
project's aim is to implement the caching daemon and to extend the 
nsswitch subsystem). You can download the patch from here:
(the patch is absolute, use: patch -p0 < nsswitch_cached.diff)

This patch includes everything that was in the previous release:
- services, rpc and proto nsswitch databases implemented
- passwd, group, services, rpc and proto caching implemented
- caching daemon implemented

The new things are:
- caching for "hosts" nsswitch database is implemented
- some bugs in cached were fixed. cache is now per-user (user can only 
use data, that he has cached by himself. he can't poison the cache of 
the other user)
- all sources now meet the style(9) guidelines much more than they had 
- and some other minor fixes

Please, test the stuff if you can and send me your bug-reports :)

With best regards,
Michael Bushkov
Rostov State University

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