Recent 6-beta issue: high delay when loading kernel on thinkpad on battery

Martin Cracauer cracauer at
Tue Aug 30 17:06:14 GMT 2005

I cannot nail down when exactly this issue was introduced but I think
it was recently.  I remember to boot this laptop fine when on battery
during summer.

Recent 6-betas make my thinkpad R40 wait for 80 seconds when loading
the kernel (after announcing kernel version but before probing
devices), when it is on battery power.  On A/C the delay is normal.

This is a boot -v screenshot photo of the stage where it is hanging:

As you can see, -v doesn't give a clue what it is doing.  It is
hanging there doing nothing before reloading the kernel modules.

dmesg, acpi stats, kernel config etc is all on:

I just updated these files to be from a -v boot when on A/C.

Any idea what this can be caused by? Any additional tests or info I
can provide?

Martin Cracauer <cracauer at>
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