mdconfig recently broken?

Christian S.J. Peron csjp at
Tue Aug 30 16:47:55 GMT 2005

On Tue, Aug 30, 2005 at 01:31:21AM +0200, Dario Freni wrote:
> -o readonly seems to help:
> # mdconfig -a -t vnode -f usr.uzip
> mdconfig: ioctl(/dev/mdctl): Read-only file system
> # mdconfig -a -t vnode -o readonly -f usr.uzip
> md0
> Anyway, imho, the readonly option should be automatically set if the
> backing store is readonly. Otherwise, this behaviour should be well
> documented in mdconfig(8) and/or md(4).

Fixed in revision 1.44 of mdconfig(8)

I have included the commit log for your reference:

When using files as backing stores for devices, and the user has requested the
device be created read+write, check to see if the backing store is read only
through the use of the access(2) system call. If this check fails returning
EACCES, EPERM or EROFS then gracefully downgrade the access to read only. Also
print a warning message to stderr, informing the user that the access mode
they requested is not available.

This behavior used to be handled by md(4) but was changed in revision 1.154

Discussed with:	pjd, phk, Dario Freni <saturnero at freesbie dot org>
Reviewed by:	phk

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