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Tue Aug 30 13:46:29 GMT 2005

Okay, I tried and it worked fine.

And is it possible to rewrite your code of athctrl from madwifi to fbsd to
/tools/tools/ath to use sysctl dev.ath.0.X commands instead
/proc/net/dev/ath in linux ?



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[coming in late here...]

athctrl is a trivial program that should be a shell script at best.  It
currently makes no sense to add this sort of support to ifconfig because
each device does things very differently (if at all) and trying to unify the
operation is likely to lead to more confusion than anything else. 
Attached is an untested shell script I wrote for someone else.  If you can
tell me it does the right thing for you then I'll commit it to
tools/tools/ath where I've stuck other similar things.


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