FreeBSD-6-BETA3 broken with ports/audio/aureal-kmod; ports/graphics/linux_dri not working.

Alexander Leidinger Alexander at
Mon Aug 29 14:48:12 GMT 2005

Mateusz Jędrasik <imachine at> wrote:

> Also, the linux_dri port is utterly broken on FreeBSD-6 when using radeon
> cards.
> Due to the late improvements by anholt towards a better radeon card support
> for dri, the drm kernel module radeon.ko /in my case, built into the kernel/
> no longer works with terribly old dri libs.
> The solution I would best see here is bumping 
> emulators/linux_base-suse-9.3 as
> default linux compat, updating the unhappy ports to play nicely with such an
> upgrade, and using xorg-dri drivers for linux_dri compatible with the
> xorg-libs avaliable with emulators/linux_base-suse-9.3.
> I would gladly help doing that, as I am a little more familiar with ports
> hacking rather than kernel hacking - far from perfect with it tho ;-)

As the person which changed the default linux base from 7.x to 8.0: it's now
easy to switch the default linux_base port
(OVERRIDE_LINUX_BASE_PORT=suse-9.3 in make.conf to test it yourself), but
you need at least one full ports build run. This is the "I'm lucky" case.

Most probably you need 3-5 full port build runs until everyting which worked
before works after the update too. But the ports tree is already tagged for
6.0 and the cluster is building the packages for every architecture.

I also don't think we should switch the default such short before a release
without important reasons (like the security reason which was the cause of
the change from 7.x to 8.0). Luckily I had much of the work for the 7.x ->
8.0 transition done already (several hours spread over several months), but
Kris and I spend several hours at Christmas to get it into a shape which we
could ship.

If you have a newer linux_dri version which works with linux_base-8, we can
update the port and ask portmgr if they can update the release-packages.


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