wpa_supplicant segfaults with ath

Hanns Hartman rowinggoon at hotmail.com
Mon Aug 29 06:12:47 GMT 2005

   This is my first time posting to the list so if you need more information 
let me know. also since I have no internet on my freebsd box it is difficult 
to get all of the verbose output. so here goes.

I am using freebsd6.0beta2 on an amd64. I am using the src tree from august 

I am trying to associate with a 2wire gateway that was supplied by sbc for 
my dsl.  I have set the gateway up with wpa-psk encription.
I am able to connect perfectly fine to this gateway with my ibm t42 but when 
I try to associate with the gateway using wpa_supplicant I get a 
segmentation fault after the program reaches "wpa: sending eapol-key 4/4"  
specifially it faults right after displaying "wpa: rsc - hexdump(len=6): 00 
00 00 00 00 00" while using option -d for output.

when running the supplicant in gdb I get program received SIGSEGV, 
segmentation fault.  0x000000080082d4d0 in strlen () from /lib/libc.so.6

if there is anything else needed that might help to explain the problem let 
me know.  I appoligize for not having more output to post at this time.
thanks for the help

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