Boot off CF card hangs at "Trying to mount root"

Stefan Bethke stb at
Mon Aug 29 05:17:39 GMT 2005

Am 29.08.2005 um 07:06 schrieb Daniel O'Connor:
> On Monday 29 August 2005 14:25, Stefan Bethke wrote:
>>> It should still work if it's ad3, but you'll need to alter your  
>>> fstab.
>> Because it hangs after printing that line? Not changing fstab it
> You neglected to mention the failure mode and I am not a mind reader.

Sorry, I thought it would be obvious from the subject line.

> OK.
> I would suggest getting the output of ps into a file (say, via  
> serial console)
> as well as a back trace and posting a URL to it.

Since this is my router, and I need to get a cross-over serial cable  
before doing that, should I kick off a kernel compile with any  
particular debugging options, or would a standard verbose boot be  


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