[PATCH] caching daemon release and nsswitch patches

Doug Barton dougb at FreeBSD.org
Sun Aug 28 22:48:31 GMT 2005

Michael Bushkov wrote:
> Hi! I'm working on nsswitch improvement (during the Google Summer of 
> Code program. 

First off, let me say that this is very exciting stuff! I'm particularly 
excited about caching for the services stuff, as it will finally allow us to 
bring in a more complete version of the services file. I do have some 
comments for you, and I hope that you understand that they are in no way 
critical of your work, just suggestions for improvements, and ways that you 
can better fit into the FreeBSD code base.

I'm not sure what guidelines were given to you when you started the project, 
but in reviewing your work the first thing I noticed was that you are not 
following the guidelines in the style(9) man page. You should read that 
page, and spend an afternoon reformatting your code to fit what is described 
there. The most common error you've made is not following the 80 column 
rule, which hopefully should be easily fixed. While one could argue with the 
specific items in that page, and quite possibly be right, the idea of having 
a style guideline is more to have a common format that we can all work 
towards than to have a perfect format that we can all agree on. By 
reformatting your code to fit this guideline you will greatly increase the 
chances that it will be welcomed into the tree with open arms.

The other style area that you should look at is your man pages. If you look 
in /usr/share/examples/mdoc you will find the FreeBSD style guidelines for 
man pages. The line wrapping issue comes into play here as well. We 
generally don't go past column 60 in man pages, since that reduces CVS repo 
churn for corrections down the road. Also, any time you have a full stop 
(period) at the end of a sentence, you should start a new line. I think that 
you are also using some macros that I'm not familiar with, although I'm not 
an mdoc expert.

The other area that I'm interested in is how you plan to have cached 
interact with DNS lookups, /etc/hosts, named, etc. If there was a project 
plan posted somewhere on this already and I missed it, please accept my 
apologies, and send along a reference. If not, I'm very interested to hear 
what your plans are.




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