Boot off CF card hangs at "Trying to mount root" (was: Trouble with 6 boot/loader: system resets)

Stefan Bethke stb at
Sun Aug 28 19:58:54 GMT 2005

Am 28.08.2005 um 18:46 schrieb Stefan Bethke:

> Compiling boot, loader, and kernel without a CPUTYPE setting fixed  
> the boot and loader issues; however, the kernel doesn't seem to be  
> happy with the CF card:
> ad3: 489MB <LEXAR ATA FLASH 1.01> at ata1-slave PIO4
> Trying to mount root from ufs:/dev/ad3s1a
> Again, I can break into the debugger, but I'm not certain what I  
> should be looking at.
> I just tried setting the master/slave jumper on the mainboard to  
> "master", but that didn't change anything, either.
> Any suggestions?

I found a couple of people having similar issues, but no solutions.  
Did you ever get it to work?


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