wireless part: 2.3 gh band

Dorijan Jelincic dorijan at kset.org
Fri Aug 26 18:08:45 GMT 2005

Hello Julian,

Wednesday, August 24, 2005, 9:19:24 PM, you wrote:

JE> It's always a question however, if you want to make it too easy for non HAMS
JE> to get on ham bands.. is there anything in this that might make people
JE> believe that it would be legal for them to use this without a licence?

well, this is support in ieee80211.c so driver must also support it...
by default, 2.5 gh band is supported in ieee80211.c, you shuld take a
look, but most of cards dont support them...

JE> mMybe a documantation change that specifically mentions that you need a licence to
JE> use those channels.

JE> Julian

JE> (ex-VK6UI)

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