kbdmux(4) freezing the system

Maksim Yevmenkin maksim.yevmenkin at gmail.com
Thu Aug 25 22:04:18 GMT 2005

> > unfortunately its true. i was able to narrow it down on my system to
> > ps/2 mouse and/or keyboard. basically if i use ps/2 mouse (and
> > probably ps/2 keyboard) with kbdmux(4) i have system freeze. the
> > solution that works for me is to _not_ use ps/2 mouse.
> Well, I use the laptop keyboard (atkbd0) and either a PS2 keyboard via
> PS2-USB convertor, or a SUN keyboard via SUN-USB converter (although,
> the converter mumbles something about PS2)
> addr 1: EHCI root hub, Intel
>  addr 2: USB2.0 Hub, vendor 0x05e3
>   addr 3: PS/2 KB & MS, vendor 0x0430

that should be fine. i was using usb + ps/2 keyboard with kbdmux(4)
without any lockups as long as i do not use ps/2 mouse as well. in
your case converter make keyboard and mouse look like usb keyboard and
mouse, so it should be fine.

in your first email you said you were using touchpad (which looks like
ps/2 mouse to the system) right? could you please try to not use it?
instead, could you please connect external usb mouse (or ps/2 mouse
via ps/2 to usb converter)? could you please try to disable psm(4)
(ps/2 mouse) device (i.e. set hint.psm.0.disabled="1" in loader.conf
or /boot/device.hints)?

> > you should also know that there is a keyboard state synchronization
> > problem with kbdmux(4) (seems to be related to control/shift/alt keys)
> > that i can reproduce, but still can not fix :(
> Hmmm, I had something strange going on with this Sun keyboard. Namely,
> all KeyPress/KeyRelease events would work like expected, except for the
> two Meta keys. Pressing them, would do nothing. Releasing them would
> result in the KeyPress (sic!) event. Then pressing any other key would
> result in the KeyRelease of the Meta key *and* the KeyPress of the
> pressed key.
> I can't reproduce this since I'm no longer using kbdmux(4), but I also
> changed my xmodmap, so this could be the cause.
> > > So, are there any users of kbdmux out there? Are there any known
> > > problems with system freezes? (I'm running RELENG_6 btw).
> > i did not get much of a feedback, so i assume not many people are using it.
> I think it's because it's not very easy to use. Getting that stupid
> 'kbdcontrol foo < /dev/whoknowswhatshouldbeplacedhere' right is very
> tricky. Especially if you want it to work in rc.d/syscons and devd.conf.

yes, i know. because kbdmux(4) is broken i did not want to make it default. 


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