filesystem performance with lots of small files

Marian Hettwer MH at
Thu Aug 25 21:17:07 GMT 2005

Hi Andre,

Andre Oppermann wrote:
> Marian Hettwer wrote:
>> Besides, I know that 6-BETA is not about performance at all :)
>> any tips on file system performance with small files, though ?
> What is low performance for you?  Is it creating a new file, opening
> an existing file, reading from a file, etc?  What is your point of
> reference you compare to (FreeBSD 4.11, etc)?
I know that my eMail didn't contain any facts. My point of reference 
will be FreeBSD 5.4 (shouldn't make a big difference in regards to UFS2, 
right?) and probably a Gentoo Linux with ext3.
Again, my eMail was more about how to tune the performance of UFS2 with 
tons of small files than a comparison to other release of FreeBSD, or 
other BSD's (Open, Net) or Linux.

I do know that comparing different distributions will be quite hard. 
That's not the point, yet :)


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