fontsize and dpi (was Re: Beta2: Nice job!)

Michael Nottebrock lofi at
Wed Aug 24 12:52:10 GMT 2005

On Tuesday, 23. August 2005 15:52, Oliver Fromme wrote:

> I haven't seen any cases recently where the DPI was
> set correctly by default. 

The key to DPMS-assisted dpi detection is putting

Option "DPMS"

into each Section "Monitor". If that still fails (and it really shouldn't(*), 
one should grab the technical data page from the display handbook (or a 
measuring tape) and feed X the physical size of the visible display like 

DisplaySize 300 240
             ^   ^
          width height in millimeters

again in Section "Monitor".

(*) Xorg/XFree86's configuration file parser however has very sophisticated 
ways to shoot itself in the foot. For instance, I only recently spent about 
an hour figuring out why someone's X' DPI didn't get set correctly although 
X' own debug messages indicated that it had retrieved DPI data over DPMS 
(after adding Options "DPMS" to the monitor sections). In the end it turned 
out that there was no DefaultDepth line in Section "Screen" - X would start 
anyway, in the highest depth available, but would set the DPI to an insane 
value. This was with the 'nv' driver.

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