6.0 BETA2 reboot hangs on SMP system - progress of a sort

Mark Kirkwood markir at paradise.net.nz
Tue Aug 23 22:39:48 GMT 2005

Looks like I have false alarmed everybody :-( I must have changed 
something in my BIOS setup since I last (tried to) reboot, because now 
5.4-RELEASE (SMP) reboots ok, and I have made no changes there.

I will look around and try to see what it is (a quick glance suggests I 
have USB enabled now, whereas it may have been disabled before).

Apologies for the confusion...


Mark Kirkwood wrote:
> A brief description of system is (dmesg attached):
> Tyan S2510 dual 1Ghz
> RELENG_6 From Aug 14
> Reboot hangs after displaying "cpu_reset: Stopping other CPUs". This 
> appears to be a hard lockup, as I cannot break to the debugger.
> In an effort to see where the problem was, I amended
> src/sys/i386/i386/vm_machdep.c
> src/sys/kern/subr_smp.c
> Adding some printf statements and removing the #ifdef DIAGNOSTIC in 
> subr_smp.c, so that it printed always (diffs attached).
> To my surprise, after a kernel rebuild + shutdown and restart, I find 
> that 'shutdown -r now' and 'reboot' *now work*! Hmmm, nice but weird. 
> This sort of voodoo suggests something like memory being clobbered 
> somewhere...

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