Adaptec AIC-7901 (ahd) broken with 6.0-BETA2

Marian Hettwer MH at
Mon Aug 22 14:57:56 GMT 2005

Hej Justin,

Justin T. Gibbs wrote:
> --On Monday, August 22, 2005 1:14 PM +0200 Marian Hettwer 
> <MH at> wrote:
>> Just a short Info...
>> I know it doesn't help at all, but I tried OpenBSD 3.7 on my box, and the
>> controller and hard-disks are fine. I could install OpenBSD 3.7 and it
>> runs...
>> strange thing...
> Not really.  I don't think the problem has anything to do with the 
> controller,
> the drives, or the controller driver.  Some other piece of code is locking
> up your system at boot (preventing interrupts probably). 
I agree. It's probably not the driver ahd(4) itself, since the cvs log 
says it was last changed some 4 months ago...

> Without some 
> debugger
> info, I can't say more.
Unluckily the system hangs hard (num lock hangs too) and I can't get 
into the debugger... if I understood it correctly, CTRL+ALT+ESC should 
drop me into the debugger.
I went back to 5.4-release, got the latest sources of RELENG_6 via cvsup 
and build a new kernel.
This one hangs too, but, if I hit CTRL+ALT+ESC a bit earlier (just 
before it hangs), I can drop into db>

Main question now: When should I enter the debugger ?
It's obviously too late, if the system already hangs... but it won't 
help if I enter the debugger too early, right ?

any suggestions ?

thanks so far and regards,

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