[PATCH]: linuxator _without_ COMPAT_43

Divacky Roman xdivac02 at stud.fit.vutbr.cz
Sat Aug 20 10:57:56 GMT 2005


I made a patch which enables linuxator to work without COMPAT_43 option in
kernel. Thus we're almost free to remove COMPAT_43 from generic as nothing
widespread uses it no more. removing COMPAT_43 has advantage of speeding up the
kernel (take a look at gepid() function for example) and removing old code is
always good :)

the patch itself is a rewrite from old patch from dragonfly (I dont know author
so sorry) and it was tested with "chroot /compat/linux /bin/bash; playing" and
playing video with realplay - both worked as expected. the test was done on
UP/i386 so I'd appreciate some testing on SMP etc. it currently supports just
i386 but porting it to other archs should be quite easy

thnx for suggestions, comments etc


p.s. pls CC: me as I am not subscribed to emulation at freebsd.org

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