Adaptec AIC-7901 (ahd) broken with 6.0-BETA2

Marian Hettwer MH at
Fri Aug 19 14:58:49 GMT 2005

Justin T. Gibbs wrote:
>>> It looks like the system was able to talk to the controller and your
>>> drive just fine, but hung later.  Can you break into the debugger
>>> and get a stack trace of where the system is hung?
>> Pardon me, but how do I break into the debugger ? :)
>> I know, if I'm using -CURRENT I should know how to do it... could you
>> point me at the right direction anyway ? :-)
Thanks, I'll give it a read-through.

>> Even if I could break into debugger, I would need to get a serial console
>> working, otherwise a stack trace could be quite hard to get. I don't
>> think I want to type this by hand...
> The top few functions are likely all that are important.  <Scroll-Lock> 
> followed by
> PgUp is your friend.
I know this friend pretty good. Unluckily he's not available... Num-Lock 
still works, but scroll-lock doesn't. I'm unable to scroll up, which is 
a pity. With no serial console... I can't easily scroll up or even do 
some copy 'n paste.

thanks so far and best regards,

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