nve0 nvidia onboard ethernet dies daily on 6.0 beta1

alan bryan alanbryan1234 at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 18 20:02:11 GMT 2005

--- Kövesdán Gábor <gabor.kovesdan at t-hosting.hu>
> The nve driver has a lot of problems. You
> experienced just device 
> timeouts, but other people - including me -
> experiences system crashes. 
> As for me, I've had two kind of kernel panics, and
> device timeouts too.
> Cheers,
> Gabor Kovesdan

Do you (or does anyone else here) have any
recommendations then on a good PCI express (no plain
PCI slots) ethernet card that doesn't use the nve
driver?  Maybe an Intel card?  Gigabit speeds
preferably.  I could then use that until the nve
driver gets fixed (Is somebody even working on fixing


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