adaptec 39320 - ahd0: Invalid Sequencer interrupt occurred

Justin T. Gibbs gibbs at
Thu Aug 18 01:24:53 GMT 2005

> I see the ahd0 message below on just about every boot of a dell sc1425
> running 6.0-BETA2, just after "waiting for scsi devices to settle".
> Once the system is up I don't see it again.
> Is it harmful?  Can I help?  The machine has a serial cable attached so
> it can be peeked and poked if need be.


This message indicates that the firmware engine wound up in its
interrupt handler with no status indicating an interrupt should
have occurred.  I'm not sure why this is happening in some configurations
(yours is not the first), but it seems to be harmless enough.  I
would love to better understand why this is happening, but without
being able to replicate the problem here (and I have tried), I
don't think I can do much other than just turn off the message in
the driver.


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