Qlogic (isp driver) gone mad on 6.0

Eric Anderson anderson at centtech.com
Wed Aug 17 20:01:22 GMT 2005

I've just upgraded my 5.4-STABLE (from early June) to 6.0 from today, 
and upon bootup, my qlogic card goes nuts, spewing (with a verbose boot) 
a bunch of "Unretryable error" "error 6"'s - about 16384 of them, before 
it finally boots.  Once it boots, a camcontrol devlist -v reveals that 
it thinks I have 16k scsi devices out there (I really have 9).

Of course, this worked fine under 5.4-STABLE.

I've tried a custom kernel, but now I'm just using GENERIC, with the 
same issues.  I also have an LSI raid controller (it's in a Dell 1850), 
which seems to work just fine.  Booting the 5.4 kernel on this box also 
worked (well, it at least got me into single user).

Any suggestions?


Eric Anderson        Sr. Systems Administrator        Centaur Technology
Anything that works is better than anything that doesn't.

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