Alcatel Speedtouch PC ADSL Modem

Julian Stacey jhs at
Mon Aug 15 13:22:26 GMT 2005

> > Hi, thanks for the suggestion. Is this a normal DSL
> > Modem with an ethernet at its back connect to your
> > desktop or an router? How much did you pay for it? If
> > it is cheap enuf, I think it is worth to get it as a
> > standalone DSL  modem.

I have a Thomson SpeedTouch 330, (got mine last year from UK after
part of an abortive attempt by AOL/BT to install DSL somewhere with
presumed line noise) Use & first entry is
	USB ADSL Modem available from DSL-Warehouse at the great
	price of only (UK pounds) 21.50.

I havent tried mine yet, as:
 -  my prior Deutsche telekom large DSL/Ethernet box works fine.
 -  I've not researched pin out I'd need between its Western 6 pin plug 
	(centre 2 pins occupied) & my German line splitter (8 wires)
PS just d'loading manual:

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