mounting device acd0t01

Jeremie Le Hen jeremie at
Mon Aug 15 10:00:29 GMT 2005


I was trying to understand what was residing on an unnamed CD-ROM,
and it leads me to run the following command :
    mount_cd9660 /dev/acd0t01 /cdrom

I obtained such a device once I have used cdcontrol(8) to try playing
the CD-ROM.  BTW, isn't it possible to make these devices appear
immediately when the CD-ROM is inserted and remove them when the
CD-ROM is removed ?  I don't know how this works internaly, but I'm
pretty sure the CD-ROM drive triggers an interruption for this kind
of actions.

Apart from this, this generated the following panic.  Is is resolvable ?
    panic: wrong offset 32768 for sectorsize 2352
    g_io_request() at g_io_request+0xbb
    g_vfs_strategy() at g_vfs_strategy+0x71
    breadn() at breadn+0x141
    bread() at bread+0x4c
    cd9660_mount() at cd9660_mount+0x568
    vfs_domount() at vfs_domount+0x667
    vfs_donmount() at vfs_donmount+0x107
    kernel_mount() at kernel_mount+0x7e
    cd9660_cmount() at cd9660_cmount+0x1cd
    mount()  at mount+1e6
    --- syscall (1, FreeBSD ELF32, mount), eip = 0x36759097, esp = 0xbfbf123c, ebp = 0xbfbf1708 ---

I didn't do a dump, it is easily reproducible.
My sources are dating from 2004.07.24, but I don't think this is very
relevant for this bug.

Jeremie Le Hen
< jeremie at le-hen dot org >< ttz at chchile dot org >

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