Alcatel Speedtouch PC ADSL Modem

Vladimir Botka vlado at
Sun Aug 14 05:48:28 GMT 2005

I am running Speedtouch 510i, which is defacto router with some small unix 
system inside. You can login with telnet and configure it from command 
line or use the web interface or load the configuration from file. I dont 
think that USB and pppoa is here the best choice. You just connect the 
Speedtouch to the ADSL and use the Speedtouch ethernet to connect it to 
your LAN. Cheers, Vladimir.

On Sat, 13 Aug 2005, Bsderss wrote:

> Hi,
> I want to purchase a USB Alcatel Speedtouch PC ADSL
> Modem and connection freebsd to it. There is a pkg in
> the Ports
> /usr/ports/net/pppoa written for the Alcatel
> Speedtouch. I wonder how to use this pkg with the
> Alcatel Speedtouch PC ADSL Modem. Correct me if I m
> wrong, this modem does not have a system running
> itside, it is just an external device have a USB port
> connect to the FreeBSD system. As I browsed thru the
> Speedtouch website, I don't know which modem does not
> have a system and allow me to do this setup.
> Can anyone please help?
> Thanks
> Sam
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