Disk I/O and Peripheral I/O in 6.0-BETA

R. Tyler Ballance tyler at tamu.edu
Sat Aug 13 22:34:28 GMT 2005

Howdy, I'm using a source build of 6.0-BETA2 (built over 5.4-STABLE)  
and I'm still experiencing something I either never experienced, or  
never noticed on RELENG_5.

Whenever I have huge disk related processes running, `rm -rf src obj  
ports` for example, almost all other forms of I/O suffer. The USB  
mouse that I use starts to lag terribly, USB flash drive transfers  
slow tremendously, etc.

How are these two different sets of I/O causing interference with one  
another? Is this a result of me running a uniprocessor board? (given  
the SMPng enhancements?)

Is this just something I'm going to have to cope with, or is there  
some other way I can give USB I/O higher priority?


-R. Tyler Ballance

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