Panics with if_bridge(4)

Andrew Thompson thompsa at
Sat Aug 13 21:09:28 GMT 2005

On Sat, Aug 13, 2005 at 12:44:26PM +0200, Michal Mertl wrote:
> I'm experiencing panics when configuring if_bridge interface on a debug
> kernel with INVARIANTS.
> This is how I trigger it (I've got custom kernel with everything I use
> compiled statically into it):
> # ifconfig bridge0 create
> bridge0: bpf attached
> bridge0: Ethernet address: ac:de:48:0c:22:8f
> # ifconfig bridge0 addm ath0 addm fxp0
> panic: mutex if_bridge not owned at ../../../net/bridgestp.c:899

Thanks, im testing a patch to fix this now.

> The if_bridge also causes crashes after ifconfig destroy with "memory
> modified after free" messages - it seems if_bridge doesn't clean up
> after itself completely.
Ive reproduced this locally and seems related to another problem I am
working on where destroying the bridge while a bpf consumer is attached
results in a panic in the callout code in softclock();

> I'm missing a way to list the table of mac addresses learned behind an
> interface. What good is ioctl to delete an address from the list if one
> can't see the list?

The command is 'ifconfig <bridge> addr', I could have sworn it was in
the ifconfig manual page but you are quite right that it itsnt
documented. Thanks for pointing this out.


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