make distribution and cap_mkdb -l from 5 to 6

Brooks Davis brooks at
Fri Aug 12 23:42:28 GMT 2005

On Sat, Aug 13, 2005 at 12:33:08AM +0200, Jeremie Le Hen wrote:
> Hi,
> I was giving a try to the sysutils/etcmerge port in order to ease the
> upgrade of /etc from RELENG_5 to RELENG_6.  This revealed me that the
> ``distribution'' target in RELENG_6's src/etc/Makefile calls cap_mkdb(8)
> with either "-l" or "-L" flag, depending on endianess.  Unfortunately
> RELENG_5's cap_mkdb(8) doesn't have this flag and this resulted.
> I understand that using RELENG_6 sources on RELENG_5 is something quite
> unusual but it's quite disconcerting and prevents me from using
> etcmerge.  I would really like to avoid merging /etc manually since I
> have number of changes in my /etc and number of changes between 5's /etc
> and 6's one are both huge.  Yes, I know mergemaster(8), that's what I
> call ``manually'' :-).
> Can this issue be resolved in a way or another ?  I'm not sure using
> ${.OBJDIR}'s cap_mkdb(8) is an option.

I got bit by this today doing a nanobsd style cross build.  I fixed it
by installing new cap_mkdb and pwd_mkdb's complied against the current
system, but with RELENG_6 sources.  You shouldn't hit this problem with
an upgrade since the documented order is "make installworld" followed by
"mergemaster".  Presumbly etcmerge should be run in the same place in
which case you'd be fine because *_mkdb would be updated.

-- Brooks

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