Missing a step in new(er) Remote gdb/kdb setup?

Marcel Moolenaar marcel at xcllnt.net
Thu Aug 11 19:59:13 GMT 2005

On Aug 11, 2005, at 12:33 PM, Lonnie VanZandt wrote:

> I also noticed that my supfile for sources sets the tag to  
> RELENG_5_4. I do
> not know the FreeBSD CVS branching strategy well enough to know if  
> perhaps
> there is a RELENG_5 edit for kgdb already which I have missed  
> because I have
> limited the update to RELENG_5_4. Do you have ident information for a
> known-to-be-working kgdb for FreeBSD 5.x?

There's no such information, because there's no known-to-be-working kgdb
for FreeBSD 5.x :-)

You do want to use RELENG_5 in your cvsup file to get any fixes for  
Beware that you'll also pull in other changes then.

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