lock order reversal RELENG_6 from Aug 8, 8pm HST build

Julian H. Stacey jhs at flat.berklix.net
Tue Aug 9 20:28:11 GMT 2005

"David J. Orman" wrote:
> I was going through the logs on my test firewall and saw this:
> Aug  9 03:01:36 firewall1 kernel: lock order reversal

I too got a couple of lock order reversals on 6beta2 generic, on a
laptop that's rock stable on 5.3-rel.  It didnt crash though :-)
Umm ... I did get a panic another time though with 6beta2 generic
The laptop doesnt have a serial port to capture diagnostics though,
so Im trying to ignore it for now, till I've built a custom kernel
& the ports I need etc. Maybe later.

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