More into /etc/rc.d/jail

drvince at drvince at
Tue Aug 9 19:37:36 GMT 2005

I'm using jails inside md devices to limit the disk space each jail can use.  It's working great but I have to start manually all of them at startup.  Here's my drill:

mdconfig -a -t vnode -f ${IMAGE} -u ${ID}
fsck_ufs /dev/md${ID}c
mount /dev/md${ID}c ${DEST}
mount_devfs devfs ${DEST}/dev
jail -l -U root ${DEST} ${FQDN} ${IP} /bin/sh /etc/rc

Therefore, I can't use the /etc/rc.d/jail facility.  So I thought, it would be good to add *fsck before mounting* and an optional mdconfig beforehand.

jail_${NAME}_md_device=""    # The device to attach or NO
jail_${NAME}_image=""        # The image file containing the jail, used with md_device
jail_${NAME}_fsck_options="" # Options to pass to fsck

In fsck_options I could put "-t ufs".  Of course, /dev/md${ID}c must be present before mounting, could happen if the image isn't bsdlabel'ed.

I'm a terrible coder, I could do it, but I'll need coaching and I've never made a patch.  I would gladly hand that to someone else but I also need it to be done, I can't babysit the server forever.  So, how does it sound?


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