Hifn driver in SMP (was Re: GELI - disk encryption GEOM class committed.)

Mike Tancsa mike at sentex.net
Tue Aug 9 13:39:30 GMT 2005

At 12:11 AM 09/08/2005, Sam Leffler wrote:

>Are all the lockups on amd systems?  I definitely tested hifn on a 
>dual-xeon w/o issues but phk and others have reported various issues with 
>hifn-based cards on operteron systems (though not hard lockups from what I 

This is a Dell 4way PIII 500.  I think this is a different issue and is not 
specific to the hifn.  I think I am just using the hifn in this case to 
trigger the lockup.  The lockup in this case totally locks the box as in 
the video disappears and I loose my serial console access.  At first, I 
thought it was related to the AMR card inside. Taking that away allowed me 
to boot and install RELENG_5 ok. RELENG_6 would lock up when probing the 
ata code. Removing that fromt he kernel seemed to fix it provided I had 
hw.apic.enable_extint=1.  But removing the AMR and putting in an adaptec 
brings back the problem.

Note, if I install RELENG_4, either with a UP or SMP kernel, I am not able 
to crash the box.  So it seems to be something in RELENG_5 and above that 
does not play well with this server.


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