Hifn driver in SMP (was Re: GELI - disk encryption GEOM class committed.)

Mike Tancsa mike at sentex.net
Mon Aug 8 17:01:56 GMT 2005

At 12:23 PM 08/08/2005, Andre Oppermann wrote:
>Poul-Henning Kamp wrote:
>>I belive there is a bug in the HiFn chips that makes them do a soft reset
>>under some set of circumstances which we have never been able to nail
>>I have contacted HiFn about this and asked for a workaround, but
>>they seem somewhat less than eager to work the case.
>>I belive the message before last was that they hard reproduced it.
>>The last message was from somebody going through the piles on a
>>former employees table.
>What's the deal with HiFn?  IMHO Cavium are way better and much more

We have a number of embedded type devices (Soekris) that need a mini-pci 
crypto card in order to keep up.  Having a somewhat fast and not too CPU 
intensive crypto file system would open more possibilities for our 
product.  At the time, the HiFn cards were the only thing around we could 
source. They work well enough for us under FreeBSD and FAST_IPSEC. What 
driver supports the Cavium cards under FreeBSD ?



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