"atacontrol info" isn't working here

Jeremie Le Hen jeremie at le-hen.org
Mon Aug 8 11:48:34 GMT 2005


I can use "list", "mode" and "cap" commands from atacontrol(8), but I
can't use "info".

    jarjarbinks:root# atacontrol list
    ATA channel 0:
        Master:  ad0 <TOSHIBA MK8025GAS/KA023A> ATA/ATAPI revision 6
        Slave:  acd0 <MATSHITAUJ-845D/D100> ATA/ATAPI revision 6
    ATA channel 1:
        Master:      no device present
        Slave:       no device present
    jarjarbinks:root# atacontrol info 0
    atacontrol: Invalid channel 0
    jarjarbinks:root# atacontrol info 1
    atacontrol: Invalid channel 1

Here is the relevant pciconf(8) output :
    atapci0 at pci0:31:1:      class=0x01018a card=0x00661025 chip=0x266f8086 rev=0x04 hdr=0x00
        vendor   = 'Intel Corporation'
        device   = '82801FB/FBM Ultra ATA Storage Controllers - 266F'
        class    = mass storage
        subclass = ATA

Help would be appreciated.

Thank you.
Jeremie Le Hen
< jeremie at le-hen dot org >< ttz at chchile dot org >

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