Unabel to resurrect your old /etc/x

Julian Elischer julian at elischer.org
Sat Aug 6 07:44:59 GMT 2005

Hanspeter Roth wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm upgrading an 6.0-Beta1 installation with 6.0-Beta2.
> It had already happened when upgrading to 6.0-Beta1.
> There come lots of messageboxes with
> Unable to resurrect your old /etc/csh.logout! Hmmmm.

yes I saw this too..
It apparently complained about failing to resurect
every file in /etc. however when I looked, at least the ones I
cared about had been resurected... I'm not sure what that indicated.

> Each messagebox pertains another file below /etc.
> What should I do to make it able to resurrect those files?
> Couldn't those messages be collected in a box that contains multiple
> files, so I don't have to press Enter so often?
> -Hanspeter
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