Something is very wrong with disk caching in 7.0

Julian Elischer julian at
Sat Aug 6 07:39:58 GMT 2005

Martin Nilsson wrote:
> Martin Nilsson wrote:
>  >
>  > This can't be rigt, why are active processes swapped out just to use
>  > the memory for caching a file that is written to once! The box have
>  > 2.5GB memory, it should be plenty for this!
> Some serching reveals that this is the same bug as Julian found 07/28.
> Re:  VFS/VM over-runs. Was: Apparent strange disk behaviour in 6.0

there is a patch that helps with this problem in testing, It helps
in teh case where there is just 1 huge file pushing everything else out
but if there is another problem that affects the system when there
are multiple files doing IO then in may not help..
It is not clear whether you experience the problem with 1 single
file or with many small files being written to.

> Who is working on this? It should be put on the TODO for 6.0 so it's not 
> lost.
> /Martin
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