Number of significand bits in long double?

M. Warner Losh imp at
Fri Aug 5 17:28:16 GMT 2005

In message: <20050805074916.GD2104 at>
            Peter Jeremy <PeterJeremy at> writes:
: >> See the LDBL_* macros in <float.h> for native precision.
: >
: >That's the problem.  The LDBL* macros misrepresent the
: >actual precision used.
: I had a closer look.  In 4.x, LDBL_* just points to DBL_*.  imp@
: changed it to reflect the native hardware precision in v1.9.
: IMHO, it would be nice to run the i386 in native precision but that
: opens up a can of worms (since expressions will wind up being
: evaluated in different precisions depending on whether the compiler
: needs to spill registers onto the stack and whether temporary
: variables are registers or stack).

Yes.  I tried to change the default mask to to do the right thing, but
bde and you (I think) convinced me to not commit that change.


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