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Eric Anderson anderson at
Tue Aug 2 20:57:46 GMT 2005

John Baldwin wrote:
> On Tuesday 02 August 2005 04:28 pm, Eric Anderson wrote:
>>Ok, here's a small list of issues pending that I can see on -current
>>(and I saw these on 6- branch too before 7.0).
>>- Time ticks along correctly, but anything using an interval will be 2x
>>off.  For instance - ping will only send a ping every 2 seconds instead
>>of every second.  systat -vmstat 1 refreshes every 2 seconds, etc.
>>Disabling APIC 'fixes' it.
> Are you using the i8254 timecounter or some other timecounter?

kern.timecounter.choice: TSC(800) ACPI-fast(1000) i8254(0) dummy(-1000000)
kern.timecounter.hardware: ACPI-fast

Which is the default (I'm not forcing anything anywhere).  I believe at 
one time I tried i8254, but it made no difference.  I can try it again 
if you think it's a worthy experiment.


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