Pending issues

Eric Anderson anderson at
Tue Aug 2 20:29:07 GMT 2005

Ok, here's a small list of issues pending that I can see on -current
(and I saw these on 6- branch too before 7.0).

- Time ticks along correctly, but anything using an interval will be 2x
off.  For instance - ping will only send a ping every 2 seconds instead
of every second.  systat -vmstat 1 refreshes every 2 seconds, etc.
Disabling APIC 'fixes' it.

- Every 6 seconds, my system pauses (clock on taskbar stops, mouse
movement stops, keys pressed pause, etc) - but comes right back in a
slightly accelerated pace until it catches up with real time, then it's
good for another ~6 seconds until it happens again.  This had the side
effect of causing powerd to ramp my cpu all the way up every 6 seconds
(cpu would drop, pause would happen, pause completes, system is
backlogged, so powerd ramps cpu to 100%, etc).  I don't think it's an
interrupt storm, but running systat -vmstat 1 (refreshing every 2
seconds) seems to show me the time is spent in 'sys'.

My system info (and lots of history) is available here:


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