dhclient and wpa_supplicant

James Snow snow+freebsd-current at teardrop.org
Mon Aug 1 15:19:06 GMT 2005

On Fri, Jul 29, 2005 at 06:08:53PM -0700, Sam Leffler wrote:
> So the question is what are the outstanding issues with dhclient and 
> wpa_supplicant?  I'm mostly concerned with wireless devices but feel 
> free to talk about wired interfaces too.  

My biggest outstanding complaint is when booting with a wired network
and no present wireless network, if dhclient has any recorded leases for
the wireless interface, it will attempt to use the most recent one and
blows away the default gateway for the wired network. I then have to manually
'netif stop ath0' and 'netif restart em0.'

Not sure what the best solution is. Perhaps dhclient needs to be aware
of the associated/unassociated status of a wireless interface in the
same way that it's aware of the link status of a wired interface?

> If something doesn't work right please try to give steps to reproduce
> the problem.

In /etc/rc.conf:


Boot once in the presence of a wireless network. Now reboot with a wired
network, but no present wireless network. dhclient will obtain a lease
for the wired interface, and when dhclient launches on the wireless
interface it will time out, use the recorded lease, and clobber the
wired default gateway.

I don't know what happens when booting with both a wired and wireless
network; I've never tried. In the default case I think the wired network
should be preferred, but could there be a knob to change this? (Am I
failing to see just such a not in dhclient.conf somewhere?)


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