[PATCH] pcn(4) locking fixes, please test!

John Baldwin jhb at FreeBSD.org
Mon Aug 1 14:11:33 GMT 2005

One of my boxes at home has a pcn(4) card in it and I noticed it was still 
running with Giant, so I fixed up the locking in the driver so that it should 
be MP safe now.  However, the box I have is running 5.4 and I didn't get a 
chance to try and run a HEAD kernel on it to see how it fared, so I would 
appreciate it if folks with pcn(4) hardware could test these patches.  The 
first patch fixes up the locking, converts from timeout(9) to callout(9), 
etc. but doesn't actually mark the driver as being MP safe so that the 
locking changes can be tested first while still running the driver under 
Giant.  The second patch marks the driver as MP safe so that it doesn't need 
Giant anymore.


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