Interesting task: makewhatis repeatability

Poul-Henning Kamp phk at
Mon Aug 1 11:30:44 GMT 2005

In message <9140595F-38F1-4589-A0FB-4C0BC4AF022C at>, Stefan Bethke writes:
>> I just found out that makewhatis does not produce the same output
>> after two different installworld runs.
># for i in 1 2; do rm -rf /data/00/build/x; mkdir /data/00/build/x;  
>make installworld DESTDIR=/data/00/build/x; md5 /data/00/build/x/usr/ 
>share/man/whatis >>/tmp/md5; done
># cat /tmp/md5
>MD5 (/data/00/build/x/usr/share/man/whatis) =  
>MD5 (/data/00/build/x/usr/share/man/whatis) =  

Hmm, I may be seeing some other weirdness then.

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