panics and traces, who and where to report?

Volker volker at
Thu Sep 30 23:29:57 PDT 2004


thanks for answering.

On 2004-09-30 15:20, Ryan Sommers wrote:

>>Hi folks!
>>Last week I was sending some panic reports (using 6-CURRENT and
>>RELENG_5) and debugger traces to this list. I didn't get a response and
>>while cvsup'ing twice a day for several days and doing buildkernel every
>>other day the situation didn't change.
> Generally if you don't get a response I wouldn't bother CVSUPing so often
> as it probably means no one has had the time to look at it yet. 

I've been hoping that someone fixed the panics while working on a
similar problem. I'll still continue cvsup'ing twice (or more...) a day
and build a new every other 24 hours.

>That being said I'll dig in the archives and see if any of your panics 
have been
> reported by other people and if I've seen any activity regarding
> solutions.

Don't search! I may resend a dozen traces directly to you (got them
saved here). I think it's faster then searching through the archives. 
Just tell me and I may send you some traces.

Also I was searching, too and found similar (but not exactly same) 
problem reports. My panics where mostly related to the network stack and 
filehandling (my guess from the function names given from trace).

Within the last 48 hours I've had some machine hangs without a panic. 
Only the reset-knob helped me out. The machine was not responding to 
either console keyboard or network requests.

>>Another question: Do you really expect RELENG_5 to become stable within
>>the very next few weeks? From my point of experience with RELENG_5 it
>>looks like I have to switch my OS as I don't believe the 5-STABLE will
>>be production stable soon.
> Not to sound rude, but if you feel RELENG-5 isn't stable enough you can
> always run RELENG-4 until you feel the RELENG-5 branch meets your
> expectations. Unless you have some reasons you want to go to 5.

Well, for my (personal) need 4-STABLE was running fine for quite a while
but since using an atheros based wlan card I really need 5.x (I was
running another machine just for the AP but IMHO it doesn't make sense
to have one machine just for running an AP).

I've been quite happy even with 5-CURRENT for the AP machine as it
_never_ crashed but since running RELENG_5 on my border gateway
(beginning with 5.3-BETA3) my machine (and me...*bs*) are panicing
several times a day (1 to 4 times).



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