Random processes hanging in unkillable state in -BETA6

Julian Elischer julian at elischer.org
Thu Sep 30 11:16:42 PDT 2004

Damian Gerow wrote:

>Thus spake Julian Elischer (julian at elischer.org) [29/09/04 18:28]:
>: It actually needs a *arg to be a valid ctor..
>: -ksegrp_init(void *mem, int size, int flags)
>: +ksegrp_ctor(void *mem, int size, void *arg, int flags)
>Okay, change made, kernel recompiled, installed, and booted into.  But I'm
>still seeing the hangs from firefox, dig, and ogle.

can you do the same as before and dump tke ksegrps as before?
(I want to see if the garbage values have gone away.)

>  - Damian

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