HEADS UP: named now runs chroot'ed by default

Peter Wemm peter at wemm.org
Wed Sep 29 19:51:13 PDT 2004

On Tuesday 28 September 2004 03:03 am, Doug Barton wrote:

> I just committed a named "auto-chroot" system that will allow named
> to run chroot'ed by default. If you have an existing named
> configuration in /etc/namedb, the instructions for updating it are in
> src/UPDATING. If you are already chroot'ing named, especially if you
> are using /var/named as the chroot directory, you should back
> everything up before upgrading and proceed with caution. :)
> For those that don't have a named configuration, all you should have
> to do is 'rm -r /etc/namedb' and you'll be fine.
> Comments and suggestions are welcome, but please try to keep the
> bikeshedding about specific bits down to an absolute minimum. The
> directory structure and related options worked very well on hundreds
> of name servers on a very busy enterprise network, so I have a high
> degree of confidence that the defaults are sensible. That said, I am
> open to genuine improvements, and dialogue on optional bits.

Mergemaster hasn't been made aware of this.  It unconditionally installs 
the named stuff in /var/named/etc/namedb even when you've explicitly 
turned the chroot stuff off.  How are we supposed to get the old 
behavior back?  This sucks. :-(

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